Delivering significant, real time and consistent information before you knew you needed it. WATTSCAN gives its clients more detailed and faster information, compared to current information flow, and offers its users a comparative advantage in a market with stiff competition. Real time production information on key production facilities and cross-border flow in the Central-and Eastern Europe area. WATTSCAN applies its unique newly developed metering technology combined with high level appropriate analytics, delivers more specified and rapid information compared to current sector standards and offers a comparative advantage to its users in a taut competition.

1. Live production information on key production facilities
2. Real-time cross-border flow on key transmission points
3. User-friendly web based interface
4. Flexible data download options
5. Instant event notifications via interface and e-mail
6. Immediate data download options
7. Downloadable generation reports and plant data

While market factors are changing, you realize it - as they happen.

1. LIVE alerts
2. Automatic reports (hourly, daily, weekly, etc)
3. Full database access
4. Custom reports by dedicated analysts

We alert you every time there is a shift in production, so you are always be able to act quickly and confidently. Monitor production characteristics. See and understand the production planning of key production facilities. See live how much power is being produced at power plants, and how it relates to the current market price and make intelligent adjustments to your forward curve.

WATTSCAN brings you outage reports well in advance of the market standards. See the risk clearly. Create a more accurate picture of VaR (Value at Risk) using our historical values . We have our own dedicated analyst monitoring production – constantly looking for patterns and significant trading signals. That gives you access via interactive Monday morning telephone call to a market analyst who can analyse, identify and categorise market behavior at all factors.

Use our production data and statistics to stay ahead of the market and make optimized trading, analysis and planning decisions.